Hi and welcome to the Foreign Filmcapades blog! On this site I will be your guide through foreign films and only foreign films. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Latest Reviews:

Seven Beauties – 1975 – Lina Wertmüller

Never have I seen a film which made me struggle so much with the ideas it presents. From the strange opening song, to the beautiful and comedic scenes through most of the film, to the surreal final act … Seven Beauties spins a work of art which will leave you questioning Pasqualino and his choices.

Solaris – 1972 – Andrei Tarkovsky

Much of the beauty comes from the entity Solaris. It is an oceanic planet which seemingly is a sentient being and can create life from the minds of other sentient beings whom come to the planet.  However, there is an inherent flaw in Solaris’ creations: it can never truly understand other life forms and thus its creations are not exact.

Russian Ark – 2002 – Aleksandr Sokurov

In fact, the biggest casualty of this film might be the way it treats history. It gives us minor glimpses into characters lives but does not show us enough to make us very interested or leave us wanting more. Russian History is very deep and an exciting area to study, and this film does it a great injustice.


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  1. Amazing post. I have bookmarked your site. I am looking forward to reading more

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